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An introduction to the basic elements of Minecraft

Minecraft is a game for the creators, explorers and the adventure lovers. The game has no storyline, and you are all alone to create a unique and fascinating world. For the beginners, it can take some time before they become used to it. As the game does not include any manual or guidelines, we decided to put up the best ways to start with information collected from the pros of the game. The preliminary task requires you to create a world. For this, you can choose from the available texture packs, we will tell you more about this a bit later, or you can also select from the worlds already made. You will find countless worlds to be precise. Visit http://www.fragnet.net/games/csgo-v2 to know about sgo game and its servers.

Selecting a name for your newly created world is essential. After this, you should choose from the creative and survival modes. Understandably, the survival mode will require dealing in a hostile environment. Then is the requirement of selecting the level of difficulty which includes peaceful, natural, reasonable, and hard. As you can understand, whichever mode you choose it will get increasingly difficult as you progress from the easy to the hard way. Always buy servers for Battlefield games from a reliable source.


When you buy the Minecraft game, you get fourteen options of texture packs. Six of these packs are already included in the game while the other eight are available as a trial version. Remember, you will not be able to save the world if you choose these trial packs, so it is advisable not to venture too far when playing on these trial version texture packs. If you do like them, you can always buy them later and then start building your world.

Here is an integral part of Minecraft game, the biomes. This is the specialty of Minecraft of dividing the world into biomes. These are connected areas that include lots of features. These are essential as they help you get the authentic feel of the game. You can explore them, and gradually you will find a number of them which include plains, jungle, desert and much more. So, here are the basics for you. As you start building your world, you will learn many things. As your experience gets enriched, you will be able to design a spectacular world. All along, you will hardly feel like leaving the game. Minecraft is addictive for all the right reasons. We encourage everyone to play this splendid game.